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There are 168 hours in each week, during which time Your full-time office staff will work 40 hours.


Who is answering your phone the other 128 hours?


We're standing by to take your call. Go out to lunch we've got you covered. Your business calls are too important too not be answered every time. Contact Answering Service of Richmond today, and let us show you how to protect and increase your business clientele. Our virtual receptionists work as an extension of your company, greeting your customers warmly and in such a way that they will never know that we are not sitting in your office. We strive to answer the phone every time as if you the owner of your company are calling. Partnering with Answering Service of Richmond gives you an on-demand staff of U.S.Based receptionists who will always be available to answer your business calls. We understand the importance of every call we will answer for your company. We take the dispatching of your company calls serious, because your livelihood is our liveliehood. We provide telephone support your customers need and expect. This allows your office staff to perform the tasks that are vital to your business and bottom line. We are waiting to assist your current and potential customers with a smile. From emergency service and dispatching, to daytime and after-hours, we are here to be of service to you whenever you need us.

You look after your business...

...and we will look after your calls

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