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Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. has been helping customers for over 30 years. See what our customers are saying about us!

"We had a patient that recently passed. Her daughters called to thank us and wanted to pass on a message to Belinda and her wonderful staff at Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. We are hospice caregivers and so are your staff. Not everyone understands the importance of our on call staff receiving the patients or caregivers calls as quick as possible. Sometimes their loved one is in a panic, sometimes the children may panic and need comforting. This family told me how very, nice, and calm your staff was when they called and they called many times and each time they received the same prompt compassionate service. They knew you passed along the message very quickly by how fast the Gentiva on call person was to respond to their calls and needs. Thank you for taking care of our patients and families quickly and kindly! You make a difference!"

-Kindred Hospice

"You guys are great, I don't know how we got along before we started using your service!"

-Beth at Air Flow Service, Co.

"You guys are AWESOME! We are very pleased!

-Sherri Urbine at Entry Guard Systems

"Our experience has been wonderful! The team makes it easy to transition to the service. I really like the fact the owner is very accessible if needed. Any questions i had were answered clearly and someone is always ready to help! I like receive the faxes in the morning so I am ready to go for our AM meeting. The texting feacture works perfect for our on call personnell."

-Jen Brantley at Platinum Air 500

"When we found Answering Service of Richmond, We found a jewel. The professionalism if wonderful, and we totally trust you with our customers. Your info is always accurate, from spelling of names to phone numbers. We have never received a complaint from a customer. It is hard to improve 100% excellence. We love that it is a family owned business just like ours. We love the personal touch. We love that our customers cant tell the difference in us answering or your company answering. That means you have a friendly attitude which is what we strive for. We appreciate Belinda's quick responce to any issue that we may have. We LOVE your business!"

-Cindy Burton at Chase, Inc.

"Thank you for your excellent service and cheerful attitudes!"

-Tammy at Tronfeld West & Durrett

"Service has been terrific. We like the fact that they are local. It's always nice to have someone right here in town to speak to them when you need too, although there havn't been meany reasons to need to. Our service has been problem free. I would recommend them in a heart beat!"

-Dr. Snowden at Capitol Pediatrics

"As business owners we know how important quality customer service is. That is why we are writing about Answering Service of Richmond. For the last 25 years our company has used Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. for our answering service needs. As a provider of pediatric home health care services, it is critical that we receive professional, courteous service. Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. provides exceptional quality. Belinda has taken a personal interest in our company and works diligently to resolve any issues should they arise. We can hole heatedly recommend Belinda and Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. for all of you're answering service needs."

-Beth B. and Bruce G. At The Pediatric Connection

"Our customers need us and have to be in contact with us 24 hours a day. We need an answering service that can assist our customers at all hours and in all weather conditions. We also need our customers to be assisted in the same polite, friendly manner in the evenings and weekends as they are by our staff daily. The transition between our customer service department and our answering service needs to be smooth and trouble free. For years we have entrusted Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. with our most prized possessions, our customers, and we are happy to say they have taken extremely good care of them for us!"

-Travis W. At Woodfin, Your Home Team

"Your employee Lenora is always so, sweet, and polite with everyone. She is a joy to speak with I am very pleased with all of the girls from your staff. They are all very sweet, especially Lenora! Thank you for your great service."

-Rochelle At Pediatric Surgeon's

"Breath of Fresh Air has partnered with Answering Service of Richmond, Inc. since 2010 and we are so thankful for the friendly and courteous service this company supplies ... They are the reason we can say "call us 24/7" ... I am proud to say "Thank you to Belinda Lamb and all of her crew" for making our business possible at a very affordable cost ... Just give them a call and do the math, I am so glad I did."

-Teresa Mason At Breath of Fresh Air